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Newsletter No 1. June 2014

This is a bi-monthly newsletter of art activity from Stefan Szczelkun featuring the ‘Compostion’ series of photographs and an upcoming ensemble performance.

Nature Study Notes

‘The Scratch Orchestra’s Nature Study Notes’ performance will be at: Chisenhale Dance Space: 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ on Saturday 28th June 2014 7.30pm £5.50. Ticket Details:

‘Compostion’No its not a typo its a new word! I have taken these photographs in the last year. They are something of a mirror on my future health and well-being. A diary of our family diet. An aesthetic that connects personal usages to more cosmic processes of renewal and entropy. It seems a useful focus of contemplation.  The breakdown is the breakthrough. Society needs a way to ‘compost’ what is no longer useful in ways that are less brutal than the ways of capitalism.Shot with a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera (Foveon sensor).
I would like to show ‘Compostion’ as large format photographic prints.

The Scratch Orchestra’s ‘Nature Study Notes’

‘The Scratch Orchestra’s Nature Study Notes’ – performed by an ensemble of original Scratch Orchestra members and new performers including: Jane Alden, George Chambers, Linn D, Carole Finer, Sharon Gal, John Hails, Bryn Harris, Les Hutchins, Eve Libertine, Robbie Lockwood, Geraldine McEwan, Matt Scott, Hugh Shrapnel, Howard Slater, Stefan Szczelkun, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Ali Warner. I am a kind of curator / artistic director of the project.

Nature Study Notes is a collection of 152 written instructions or ‘scores’ that was published as a booklet by Cornelius Cardew at the beginning of the Scratch Orchestra in 1969. The scores are called ‘rites’ and were used in many of the early Scratch Orchestra concerts. This is a music improvisation and visual performance event about one hour duration.

Performance art/new music

Carol Finer and I discussed some of the rites on Resonance Radio: Listen here:
ou can also find a recording of our previous acclaimed performance of John Cage’s ‘Song Books’

I’m re-looking at the way we worked in the original Scratch Orchestra with a younger generation of performers. I’d welcome expression of interest in future interations of this work from suitable venues.