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Numbers 1 – 100

Philosophers Union project close to completion. What use? Banally it could be a count-down but it seems more interesting than that. Numbers so laden with meaning and character…. Very much a product of the cameraphone era.

Plotlands UK

This is a practically life long project that seems to keep running! Slides here go back to 1972 when I first discovered Overton. Recently I started a Flickr Group ‘Plotlands UK’. Theorised here:

Housework – Burn

The house leaves the back of my squat in St Agnes Place and travels through the streets to a Our Wonderful Culture exhibition where I attempt, but fail, to burn the house down. Super 8 film by Jane Hartwell. Video of burning by Janusz Szczerek. The soundtrack to this video (altho not the event) is […]

Housework – Skyline

Borough Market performance in late Eighties. Super 8 film by Jane Hartwell. Commissioned by Bookworks. Many collaborators in this performance…. I need to find a list.

Exploding Cinema 1992 – 1999 Extras 1 Stephen Houston

I couldn’t get in touch with Stephen when doing my research but he has got in touch recently with fascinating information about himself and the 16mm film ‘That Stage’ that he had made. He also has new information on the pre-Exploding Cinema Reel Love film club cinema in Pullit, Brixton, 1991. Stephen writes: “I haven’t […]

Survival Scrapbooks – Shelter, Food and Energy, 1972-74

This is the first of three books of mine that were originally published by Unicorn Bookshop in Brighton. Shelter was followed by ‘Food’ and ‘Energy’ to cover basic human life supports. The pages were coded rather than numbered and drilled to add to a loose leaf binder so people could make their own scrapbooks. They […]

Brixton Art Gallery and collective 1983 – 87

Oral history video… Produced by me, video directed by 198 volunteer Andy Martinez and edited by Kypros Kyprianou Brixton Artists Collective 1983 – 1986

Class Myths and Culture, Working Press, 1990

Still a few copies available – £5 Can be downloaded free from here: