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‘Collaborations’ Working Press 1987

Making art with other people… Can be downloaded free courtesy of Google Books    

SENSE THINK ACT – book review

Sense, Think, Act – the book review by Emilyn Claid This book is based on a premise that awareness of our basic human faculties, and developing these through practice, can become a source for personal, political and cultural change.  The ideas for the book were seeded in the 1960s and 1970s when performing arts practitioners […]

Exploding Cinema Programmes

Link to chapter on the programmes

Exploding Cinema show footage – show

Hatcham Social Club 1999?


Soundtrack by Aphasic aka Jason Skeet (play loud) A 1996 Mac 7500, MiroMotion card, Hi8 Camera, display turntable, found old brown paper head (1930s?)… I was interested in making art objects that were undergoing a process of  transformation, being imprinted by the situations they were put in.

Catchy Shubby Cricket – Kennington Park 2005

Part of a proposed DVD of videos about Kennington Park – its rituals and politics see also: The Birthplace of British Democracy

My Life in T-Shirts

With music by Simon Poulter

Big Willow Eco Camp, Crystal Palace, 1999

Made with Thomas Zagrosek

Inclusive Education 1998 – a demo and occupation

Trailer for Creating a Movement RUB 3

Full DVD of four videos £5